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Around the World in 80 Days!

Where every mile counts!

Around the World In 80 Days
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Welcome to 80 Days, where the entire community challenges itself to walk, run, bike, swim, spin, and jump (and more!) it's way around the globe.

The length in miles around the world is 24,901 miles! Getting around the world in 80 days would take approximately 311 miles EACH day!

One person can't do this alone - which is why we need to work together as a team! There is no daily requirement for miles - you contribute whatever you manage to do - even if it's three miles a week! That's three more miles than we started with! Every traveler is valued for their contribution - no matter if it's 1 mile or 12!

The community is aimed to provide extra motivation to help us all work toward a healthier lifestyle. All posts are welcome, provided that they are on topic (concerning weight loss, nutrition, fitness victories, our walk around the world, etc). We request that if there is more than one image in a post, that it is placed under an LJ-cut. This is NOT a pro-ana or pro-mia community and posts of this nature will be removed immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: To cut down on confusion, each traveler will need to log their miles on official posts in order to be counted. Do not make your own post listing your miles, look for the latest entry titled "Day XX Mileage". Mileage posted outside of the official posts will not be counted. To stay with the theme of extra motivation, mileage posts will be made each day. Each mileage post is tagged "mileage". You can easily find the latest one by clicking here.

311 miles each day may seem like a lot, but with a team of motivated people, we'll have traveled AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS! Slap on that pedometer and let's go!

Our journey will last from April 1, 2007 to June 19, 2007!

You can join our journey at ANY time - every single mile counts! :)

Feel free to introduce yourself once you've joined!

NOTE: Nearly any workout method can be applied to our challenge - including sports and aerobic exercise! Check out our FAQs for more information!

Community promotions are permitted with mod approval - please send an email to immediatement at hopelandbefore (at) hotmail.com. Unapproved promotions will be removed, regardless of content.

We have walked 12522.61 miles -- 50.29% of our goal of 24901 miles!!