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Okay! So right now the most popular vote is Luna, the moon of Earth! It has a circumference of 6,790mi. We would need to get an obtainable time frame. It took the other community 41-44 days to get 8,300mi or so. IF we advertised (commented in the journals of previous 80_days members, for instance, or SOMEHOW got another Spotlight) and worked our butts off, could we do almost 7,000 in 30 days? 40? Should we jump to 60 on the assumption that we WON'T get a lot of members right off?

Please go vote on the poll! Make your voice heard! The moon is only in the head SO FAR!


^--- Since I can't do one of those silly link thingies.

Also, if we do this, who would be willing to mod? Myself and parrot72 are both willing and committed (she is a friend of mine in real life, so I just found out about her willingness before asking everyone else =P). Anyone else interested? If we can get 3-4, great. If we can get 7, even better! This would entail a mileage check where you would get to do the superfun addition and conversion of km to mi.

For all I care, we can open them for, say, a 12-hour slot each day - post it at 7AM, close it at 7PM, and anyone else has to log their miles the next day (though people on odd work/school schedules may oppose this) that way you can get a firm number 15 minutes after it closes. You'd just need to add it to the previous days' and throw it in tickerfactory to make us a new one for the userinfo and the forward post at the top of the page.

So that's where we stand NOW. This is subject to change because things are never easy!

And since I haven't said it yet, I'm so glad there's interest out there. This was a real incentive for me and I love the chance to help lead us all to better health!


Aug. 1st, 2007 02:03 am (UTC)
does this mean that we have the risk of being lunatics? i dont mind that.


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