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We have walked 12522.61 miles -- 50.29% of our goal of 24901 miles!!

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Hey all! If you enjoyed walking (half way) around the earth, come join us at [info]rovinglunatics to walk around the moon!

At the beginning of September we started walking the 6,790 miles around the moon.  We originally set our goal at 45 days, but we have such few members that we're just around 1,150 miles in 20 days.

But we are determined to finish, no matter how long it takes. We are encouraging each other to do a little more each day.

If you are interested in helping us travel around the moon, come join rovinglunatics!  You can post an estimated mileage for what you've already walked/jogged/biked/exercised for September, or just start today!

We hope to see you on the dark side :-)

Aug. 6th, 2007

rovinglunatics is open for membership. Go join while we hash out all the info! Thanks so much to tricksypirate13 for the name idea, and getting this back on track!

There were only two time suggestions, 40 and 50, so let's go with 45 days starting..when? Sept 1st?

Everyone get the word out and be patient, I've never maintained a community before!

If anyone wants to volunteer to do a layout/icons/infopage "biography"/list the interests, you're welcome to, just let me know what you want.

Right now it's a Plus account. Should it be free? Definitely not paid, though if we have come up with a PERMANENT establishment for going miles around various places, a paid account would be cool (if totally useless).

Let's not lose momentum when we're so close!

More rambling!

I'm no good at decision-making, but I thought I would put this to everyone to figure out together what we are going to do.

Here are the results. Responses with only one vote were stricken out. With each vote comes a mileage check- except for Australia because I can't find it! (If any of these are incorrect, feel totally free to correct me.)


Planets in order of size
Venus (3) (23,627 mi)
Mars (2) (13,300 mi)


Australia (2) (??? mi)
Any Continent


Luna (5) (6,790 mi)
Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto

SO! What happens? Are we going with Luna, or should we vote between the two highest? Should we start with Luna and then do a revote when we have a new community (more opinions)?

AND! The fun part. What are we calling the new community, and when are we starting?! csomegood87 pointed out "Lunatics" as a cute idea to start with, if we go ahead with the moon and don't put Venus and Luna to a revote!

iftherebethorns, walkstrong, parrot72, and yoippari are all happy to mod. tricksypirate13 is also willing if we can find no one else. frenchroast has a wonderful LJ icon about Stephen Colbert. (I felt the need to mention everyone that responded to the last post. And Stephen Colbert is fabulous. ;))

Let's not lose our fire through all of this! As soon as we have a goal and a community, we take our carefully-counted steps toward a healthier life!


*Catches breath*


Okay so we all should've known "lunatics" would be taken- by someone that last updated five years ago! Any ideas for the community name? Plays on the word "lunatics," probably?
Okay! So right now the most popular vote is Luna, the moon of Earth! It has a circumference of 6,790mi. We would need to get an obtainable time frame. It took the other community 41-44 days to get 8,300mi or so. IF we advertised (commented in the journals of previous 80_days members, for instance, or SOMEHOW got another Spotlight) and worked our butts off, could we do almost 7,000 in 30 days? 40? Should we jump to 60 on the assumption that we WON'T get a lot of members right off?

Please go vote on the poll! Make your voice heard! The moon is only in the head SO FAR!


^--- Since I can't do one of those silly link thingies.

Also, if we do this, who would be willing to mod? Myself and parrot72 are both willing and committed (she is a friend of mine in real life, so I just found out about her willingness before asking everyone else =P). Anyone else interested? If we can get 3-4, great. If we can get 7, even better! This would entail a mileage check where you would get to do the superfun addition and conversion of km to mi.

For all I care, we can open them for, say, a 12-hour slot each day - post it at 7AM, close it at 7PM, and anyone else has to log their miles the next day (though people on odd work/school schedules may oppose this) that way you can get a firm number 15 minutes after it closes. You'd just need to add it to the previous days' and throw it in tickerfactory to make us a new one for the userinfo and the forward post at the top of the page.

So that's where we stand NOW. This is subject to change because things are never easy!

And since I haven't said it yet, I'm so glad there's interest out there. This was a real incentive for me and I love the chance to help lead us all to better health!

Jul. 30th, 2007

(Note: Parrot72's answer refers to planets and is in the wrong text box. She wishes to do the planets in order of size.)

Poll #1030301 80_days

Planet, continent or moon?


Which planet?

Which continent?

Which moon (include planet)?

So... Anyone want to try again? Pick a smaller goal? A different planet? A longer time frame?

Day 77-80 (6/15-6/18)

Okay everyone, this is it! Tomorrow is the last day of our challenge -- DAY 80. This is the post in which to log any and all unposted miles from anytime during this challenge! I'll count miles through 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 20, at which time we will know exactly how far we've traveled. Hurrah!


Day 75-76 (6/13-6/14/07)

Okay, we're in the home stretch! It feels really good to update our ticker with the miles I know you've worked so hard for. Challenge yourself to earn a few (or a lot) more miles to post in these last days of our journey. Big cheers for all of you, no matter how big or small your efforts. May you have a healthy and happy day.


Day 73-74 (6/11-6/12-07)

Six more days to go! Good work, guys.